I read in one of the post how to change the link on the project image. I followed the steps correctly and it did not work. If possible I would love to edit the link url and remove the light box link to just go directly to a url. If not possible I would settle for setting certain project post to be full screen. I have added a full screen template to the theme, just can’t use it on the project post. Also this is an amazing theme and when I work out all of the issues I will be purchasing pro. …Thanks in advance!


Can you show me what solution you tried and it didn’t work? Also, the full width template couldn’t work on posts since it’s made for pages.


I see now your topic on the forums. The plugin you’re using probably has some settings that allow templates to be used on custom post types too.


You had a link to an XXL file to upload to types and then change a line of code in widget.project file…and no option in plugin to do works on wp post but not project post


Have another look please at that topic. It works.


Not to insult your intelligence, but I thoroughly followed the steps and did not succeed.


Could you post the link to the topic you followed? As far as I remember, that guy wanted to add the title below the project and link that title to a different page, not the actual project post. And he did do it, so the code works.


Anyway, I’m not sure why would you want to take that route. As far as I understand, the only thing that interests is to have your single projects full width, correct?



Yes but if I could edit the link button to a page would be more convenient


Alright. You didn’t say what exactly isn’t working for you.


The add url option in edit project never came


I just tested it again and it works. Simply import the new settings file like you did with the original one, don’t do any changes just click import. A custom field named Project URL will show up in your project post type editor. You must realize that there is no way this solution doesn’t work since somebody already used it with success.


works perfectly now…I can’t thank you enough for your time…If I could only remove the light box link and center the url link that would be perfect…look forward to the pro version soon


To be fair, the file itself always worked, it’s the exact same one for the other topic :slight_smile:

Add this to a custom CSS plugin:

.project-image:hover > .link-icon {
   left: 42%;
.pp-icon {
   display: none;


That is perfect, but is there anyway to edit individual projects so that is i wanted the light box in other areas I could do so…and then I will leave you alone


Link to site is if you wanna take a look at it so far. I still have lots of editing and designing to do. Thanks again for your quick response and sorry about the first issue, I made a mistake somewhere.


I’m not sure what you mean. You want some of the projects to have the lighbox and some to not have it? That’s not really possible. It could be, but it would require editing every time you add a new project, so it’s best to do it when you know you’re pretty much finished with adding projects.

You would need to replace the code I gave you earlier with this one:

.project:nth-of-type(1) .project-image:hover > .link-icon {
   left: 42%;
.project:nth-of-type(1) .pp-icon {
   display: none;

Simply change 1 with the position of the post you want to remove the lightbox for. If it’s the third post add 3 and so on. Reuse the code above as many times as you need.