Project Widget: how to costumize it?

I have some projects and postet them with the widget Moaesia FB Projekte on this page. Now when I go to a single project - it says: ‘Projektname und Projektbeschreibung’ - is there a chance that I can change that somehow?

Thank you so much…

Hello there,

In case that you want to hide Project name and Project description, you can achieve this with custom css code below:

/*hide Project description*/
.single-projects h4.project-name {
    display: none;

/*hide Project description*/
.single-projects h4.project-desc {
    display: none;

You can apply the code with this plugin

In case that you wish to translate mentioned labels, you can do so with poedit software - follow guide from part 2


you can use loco translate plugin guide is available here

All the Best!

Hi Dimikjones,
wow worked with the simple sutom css plug in - thank you very much!! cool!

If you go via Chrome to the site
some of the graphics like the search field and the signs above the quotation at the starting page look weird. Do you think, thats a problem between polylang and page builder? heard about that. when I deactivate polylang, it does not look weird. In Safari everything looks normal. Any ideas with which plug in I could work to switch sides from german to english?

Hi there,
just deactivated polylang. But now I can not add pictures to my projects or elsewhere. The “dateien hinzufügen” button simple does not work - so I deactived the simple costum css, but doesn’t help. Any recommendations?

Hello again,

Try to reset permalink if you don’t want to use polylang anymore WP admin > settings > permalinks and just hit save changes.

I don’t think that there is conflict with polylang, because I have used combination in one of my projects, and it is working without problems. Maybe you should try to deactivate other plugins like widget bundle etc. and to try again.

Regarding simple custom css plugin, it have to work without nay problems, so many users are using it, and not just in Moesia theme. In case that you want to remove it you can still add custom css by creating child theme and by adding css to child theme style.css file.

All the Best!