Project Widget, glitchy?


Added a projects widget to the front page, created some with images, some with short and some with long descriptions. No projects, text, or images show up. The background parabola image shows up fine, but the content is mostly missing.

the little link\magnifying glass part shows up, the magnifying glass gives an error message, but the link brings me to the project page and shows the project I created.

Not sure what’s up? Thanks for your help, awesome theme, thank you for creating!


Can I see a link to your site? I cannot really tell what’s going on otherwise.


Yeah sorry, its


Again, I can’t be of much help if I don’t see the problem. You don’t have the projects widget in place.

Anyway, the projects widget is not glitchy. If you see it working on the theme demo and on any other site that left a link on this forum, then it most certainly works :slight_smile: