Project widget do not show projects

Hi! First, thank you for the magnificent work that you are doing…!
I have some trouble with the project widget. It’s not showing any projects. I wonder if it is something to do with the norwegian language and a typing error in the code maybe.

In the widget settings it says that pages that have the layout “Ekelt prosjekt” (see picture below). This is a typing error. It is suppose to be “Enkelt prosjekt”. This is how it is written in the layout settings for pages (Also see picture below).

If the project widget are filtering what to show on the text “Ekelt prosjekt” this will not work. I guess it is an ID behind the curtains, so maybe this is just a typing error, and nothing more. Anyway, the widget don’t show the project pages.

Wigdet settings
Page settings

Thank you!
-Nils Hermann

Hello Nils,

Please check your project’s page editing panel. And see if a featured image has been set.



Hi, and thank you for your swift reply! I was not aware that I needed a featured picture :slight_smile: I was expecting a text link with the title of the project page. I was planning to have the widget in my right column, but it’s too narrow to show pictures of any value.

I will use basic text widget and input links to project pages manually instead.

Anyway, thank you for your reply!