Project thumbnail image stretching, not same size as others

Hi, I keep having this problem – see image below:

Screenshot of issue

The project thumbnail on the far left sizes up larger than the others, leaving a white space underneath the other two. All the images are the exact same size, checked and double checked. I have the project width set at 33.33% to accommodate 3 projects instead of 4, as well as the project thumb img width set to 100%. As far as I know, I’ve removed the container for the projects widget but that doesn’t seem to have had an effect.

Is this fixable? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!


Looks like the first image have different size than the others.
Please try this CSS code to resize it:

.project-thumb img:first-child {
    height: 280px;


Hi Awan,

That did it! Thanks so much for the quick fix. :slight_smile: