Project section


hello, nice theme ! everything is working now, i got a question…: i made the section : Projects, then i add a featured image etc, when i look to my website : its working fine but i don’t like the chain icon i only want the zoom option… is there a way that i can delete that section in the editor?


You could hide it with CSS like this:

.link-icon {
   display: none;


ok, i have searched it the editor but where do i place this {
display: none;



In a custom CSS plugin so you can keep it even after the theme updates.


ok i got that working :wink: thanks, do you have a css for the search icon so the margin gets in the middle?


so the search icon gets in the middle*


You could do it like this:

.project-image:hover > .pp-icon {
   right: 38%;


thanks! it works! i also changed color to white :slight_smile: