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Hi, thanks for all the work you do. I have 3 questions, first, how do I remove the icon link to page on the portfolio in ""
Second, how can i change the color and center the icon in order to view my single youtube video . Third, shortcodes has stopped working before the slider project work: ""
I hope you can help me, thanks.

Hi, apply custom css below (for styling):

/* Removes portfolio hover link */ {
  display: none;

/* Centers portfolio icon and colors */
a.pp-icon {
  left: 40%;
  color: #AEA227;
/* hover color*/
a.pp-icon:hover {
  color: #cacaca;

.pp-icon .fa {
  left: 0;

Regarding shortcodes, as I can see some of them are not closed correctly. When adding shortcodes use Text editor not Visual editor.

Hi, dimikjones.
Thanks, i can change the icons and color with your help. But I still have some problems with shortcodes ultimate, for example: I create new services and add some shortcodes ultimes for slides but i only see the html code in the main page web ( but in the current page it works ( How can i show the sliders in the main page?

Shortcode execution in widgets was handled by the Page Builder plugin but for some reason they removed it as far as I can see.
Do you have a child theme so you can add some code or can you make a small plugin?

Hi Vlad,
I’m going to create a child theme, can you provide me the code in order to resolve this problem?

Hi, im making my website but i want to display my portfolio in categories as i have it here:

But also i want to click at the photo and displays it bigger (zoom) as the portfolio in the home page:

How can i make this? i don´t want to click on the photo and go to another post…

Thank you! =)


Hello there,

Zoom functionality for single portfolio pages does not exist, and you can extend theme functionality in this way by using some plugin, for example you can try with this one

Regarding portfolio display by categories, this functionality is available in Sydney theme - see our work section so maybe you can switch to this theme.

Best Regards!