Project Page (Portfolio) - Open to New page to display details of the project

I would like that when a Portfolio Image is clicked that a new page is opened and the details of the project in text and more images display similar to a standard blog page. However in the Projects Section on the left under the specific Project, it states the following:

Project link
Add an URL here to make this project link to another page (internal or external). Leave it empty and it will default to its own page.

So when I leave it empty and it goes to open /projects/“project page name”/ I get a an OOPS THAT PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND ERROR. So does this mean that I must create a Page in the Pages section then in the specific Projects Page details enter a URL to link to the Page in Pages?

I want its own page and am trying to figure out how to make it open to a new page where I can enter text and images and make it look like a news story.


Thanks for your reply it worked. Just a few more questions on the Projects (portfolio) and I’ll be good to go.

  1. When I change the Project Image to a Book cover, the hover shape does not change and is still the original shape from the demo image. Is there a way to change this?

  2. When I click on the image and go to the Projects page (, it looks like a blog post. I would rather have a Page - Can I change the look and feel for this page view? If not can I remove the social media buttons and make other changes to this layout?


I’ve now update my website with images I would like to use in the Portfolio.

  1. I would like to reduce the display size - make smaller about 15% - which I can do in photoshop - however when I do the hover colored overlay does not change size. How can I change the hover colored overlay to change to match the size of the covers.

  2. Can you change the type of grid used to display the images? What if I had different size (portrait and landscape images) for example?