Project Link


Does anyone know if there is a way to (easily) direct the link button on the Front Page Projects block to an external site?


You want to link each project to an external site instead of the project page?


Yes, I am a Realtor, and have another site that automatically pulls all house listing info. I like the way the Moesia site displays the Project Gallery, but rather than have to input all the listing information again on a project page, I’d rather have the link lead directly to the existing site. Is it doable?


It would be doable, but it would require you to create a child theme and overwrite the fp-projects.php file to make it act as you like. It’s not very easy if you’re a beginner.


Yeah. Not going to lie…I think it would be a bit over my head.

My other thought was to have a post category specifically for listings, and just put a link in the text, however I don’t think the Latest News front page block has an option to filter the post categories it displays. Is this correct? I know the project block has this feature.


Nope, it doesn’t allow filtering at the moment. And even if it did you would still need to make a child theme and overwrite that file, because the Latest News widget displays excerpts, and excerpts don’t show links so that would defeat your original purpose.


Fair enough. In future updates, I would love to see filtering on the posts. I’ve built a site with another theme, and found it extremely useful.

So, strike two I guess…

One last shot. Can you recommend any gallery type plugins that play nice with your theme and fit in line with how your front page appears?

(Thanks for your help by the way)


No need to count strikes, you can simply ask if you want a new feature added to Moesia Pro. We’ve always been receptive to requests as long as they make sense and they’re doable.

So I can do a quick update and add the ability to add custom links (internal or external) to projects, so you can set a link for each one of your projects. It will probably happen in a couple of hours after I’m done with some other stuff.


Wow. That’s fantastic. Really appreciate it Vlad. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the update.

PS - I just realized that the strike comment might have been taken as a knock on the theme. Not my intention - more of a knock on my ideas :slight_smile:


Alright, the new update is available. Be sure to also go to the documentation page and get the latest settings file.

Let me know how it goes.


Works perfectly…really appreciate the update. Thanks!