Project link


is any way to click on project directly link to another page in blog?

E.g. Project ONE open project page.
Project TWO open post page.

Hi, that is not possible at this time, although similar option is recently added to Moesia theme. Maybe it will be added to Sydney, but can’t tell for sure.

You actually can add custom links for your projects if that’s what you’re asking. The field is right below the project editor.

Thank you for response.

@ dimikjones I hope what you add this option to Sydney theme too.

@ Vlad And yes custom link present under project but nothing happens when I click to project with this link.

And another question about this theme (must I open new post?).
I use “Testimonials”, but I have dark background of all testimonials. Why? What I doing wrong? I want to standard white background and don’t see any setting. When I setting any background on testimonials widget I have this this background color only title.

Thank you.

It’s working fine. See the demo, the top left project. I just linked it to

Post a link to your website please so I can see the testimonials issue.

Thank you.

Projects working fine.


please can you add an option to show tooltip when mouse hover over project?
I think what good way is when I see name of project on mouse hover over image.

Yeap, sounds like a good idea. Will look into it when time allows it.

Bit late to the party here but I’m having trouble linking the Project to an external page.

I have put the alternative link on the Project Link field but the Project still links to it’s own page.

What am I doing wrong here?


Sorted now.