Project Image Thumbnails

Hey guys!

I’ve always had this issue with every single theme I’ve used so hopefully this will some my questions. I thought that for the featured images in thumbnails, I DIDN’T have to crop it to a specific size wordpress already creates a square thumbnail of each image and that would be used as the reference for the Talon: Portfolio plugin.

If you check out my demo site, in the latest works section. It’s laid like a masonry. However when I see the demo site, you can obviously see the image shown by the portfolio plugin is a CROPPED version of the featured image. Why is this not happening for my portfolio? Is the only way of getting a homogeneous looking portfolio plug in is by cropping each individual image?

Thanks in advance for your answer!!


The theme crops the portfolio images at 280x280 (assuming you’ve uploaded the images after you’ve installed the theme, otherwise you need to regenerate them). But it depends on the image size, it can’t really make the image square if by default it’s a wide and thin image. Please see the documentation regarding the image sizes.

So, have you regenerated the images in case you’ve uploaded the before installing the theme?

Hey Vlad!

I had never successfully regenerated thumbnails I thought it would have to be done manually from the Media Edit Panel. Thanks for explaining it for me!!

Now I have a second question. I was able to style it exactly how I want it when its at a certain window size but when I stretch it a lot, the grey protrudes from both sides of the image. Is there anyway to avoid this? and have it still be each square next to each other? I hope its ok to ask that second question here as well.

Well, there are about 3 options:

  • hide that grey background;
  • stop having the row stretched and keep it normal;
  • change the image sizes as it is shown in the docs link I posted.

Thank you Vlad! I have one more question but I’m going to make sure its not answered in another thread before asking.