Project image size

Im wondering how to change the image size of project masonry thumbs.



Depends on what exactly you want to do. You can open up the plugin’s main file, do a search for add_image_size and change it there.

What I stated above is exactly what I want to do - change the size of the projet masonry thumbs.

I have edited the below code from sydney portfolio.php to show a number of 800 but change happens.

/* Image size */
function sydney_masonry_images() {
    add_image_size('sydney-mas-thumb', 480 );
but change happens

So it works or not? If it doesn’t you should probably regenerate your thumbs with one of the plugin that do this.

sorry, no change happens. What do mean by “you should probably regenerate your thumbs with one of the plugin that do this.”

Your images are keeping the same initial size probably. So you would need to install a plugin like this one and regenerate them. It will delete the 420px size because it doesn’t exist anymore and create the 800px one. After that you can delete the plugin.

Ok, I installed regenerate thumbs plugin, regenerated and still no change. I then uninstalled media files (pics) and then changed thumb size to 800, uploaded images again and still did not change the size.


Post a link please.

Developing locally with wamp

Can’t help in that case, sorry. Have a quick look with the Chrome Dev tools and see what is the natural size of the projects images. Here’s from our demo site:
In your case it should be 800px if you’ve changed it correctly.