Project function problem


I have a problem on the project function. I have added a scrollbar for my project section as shown in Project with scrollbar 1. I add a scroll bar because I have many photos uploaded there. The section will become very large if not using a scrollbar. But when the scrollbar scrolling down, the selection panel will also be scrolled up as shown -->Project with scrollbar 2. I am using the “Custom Scrollbar” plugin to do this which requires the Target Element Section with this “div.project-wrap”.

May I keep the selection panel not being scrolled up? Only the photo being targeted for the scroll bar.

Moreover, is it possible to enlarge the sidebar? The width of the sidebar is not big enough to show the entire Facebook Page Plugin as shown -->Facebook Page Plugin in the sidebar. The share button on the top right of the plugin cannot be shown.

Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for the delay.

It seems like you have removed the scroll bar on project section. Do you still need an assistance on this matter?

To enlarge the sidebar, follow the solution posted on this thread, please.


Hi Kharis god,

The sidebar CSS code words perfect!

For the scrollbar, I haven’t remove it. But I know in some size of screen it won’t present. But it actually there.

Hi Kharis,

I have figured out how not to scroll down the filter. It needs simply to change the Target Element Section from “div.project-wrap” to “div.roll-project”.

But, now, when I add new projects, the new project will starts a third row because each row can only contain 5 projects (or images). Is there any possibility to change the setting from 5 images per row to 2 images per column?

Sorry for my English. I would like to use pictures to illustrate my request.
“5 images per row” means Sydney portfolio 1
"2 images per column" means sydney portfolio 2

Now, I can only add a scroll bar to scroll the images from top to bottom. But I want to scroll from left to right. I have tried to change the width and height in the plugin (Custom Scrollbar). It just didn’t allow to do this. Therefore, I have this request.

Hello there,

Sorry, there is no code for that objective, that’s impossible.