Project did't display

I have install Bistro theme
and I follow instruction and Projects for Demo is work

Then I rename categories from science,technology,… to set A, Set B, Set C
Then I rename project name and change featured image to food photo
but when I VISIT SITE, project show only category level that more than category of projects and no any project appear, why?

Thank you in advance

Hello Arin,

can you post the URL of your site?


did you have email? iwanna send u with url & password

Its not public yet?
Okay, you can send it here: awan.rimbawan101 at gmail

sent :slight_smile:

How about that?


Just start checking

I just create new widget which displays the project and it work fine

"project show only category level"
Did you mean the project category? as default, if the category has no items, then its only display the category name only.

I added some category and change project name from demo data.
It’s mean that 90% is the same demo categories and projects which show before RENAME and CHANGE featured image.

I dont why its stop working and showing same as the first time after install sydney portfolio plugin.

I see…

Not sure what exactly cause it, but I think the problem is in the shortcode.
[sydney-masonry posts=“8” show_all_text=“See all” post_type=“projects” filter=“yes” include=""]

I just put the shortcode within the text widgets then add the categories to include attribute and its working :slight_smile:

If its already solve the problem, please to remove the credentials that you send to me.