Project details not in separate page


is it possible (either in Moesia or Moesia Pro) to show the project details not on a separate page but either as an overlay (like the one with images) or as moved in below the image etc.?
If not is it then possible to define the page layout of the project details somewhere central - so that it always have the same layout?

Thanks for your help.

Nope, sorry.

I don’t really understand the second part.

To bad, but I understand.

The alternative option is to create a template for the project details site which all projects use. E.g., right now there is a column on the right, but I just want to have a full width page or something similar.

Thanks so much.

So you want to have the single projects posts without sidebar, right?
You can use this in your child theme’s style.css:

.single-projects .content-area {
   width: 100%;
.single-projects .widget-area {
   display: none;

Thats great, thanks Vlad. Just 3 more questions:

  1. what is the size of the image that I need to use in order to display it correctly in the project section? (I use a featured image right?)
  2. Can I disable the function that zooms in the project section
  3. How can I design the self generated project description page, add widgets to the footer, remove the head image etc.? Can I do it only with CSS?
  1. 350x250
  2. You can only hide it:

.pp-icon {
   display: none;

  1. You can add widgets to the footer and they’ll show up on every page, including the projects pages. You can remove the header image for all pages except the front page from Customize > Welcome area.

Thanks Vlad. I also saw that I can remove this aspect in fp-projects.php
I am moved the .link-icon .fa to the center so it looks better, however I can’t figure out why I can’t move the black circle beneath it isn’t its position defined in .link-icon? when I add a right: 40px nothing happens… width and hight however have an impact… Any suggestions?

This is how the icon is moved when hovering over the project:

.project-image:hover > .link-icon {
   left: 15%;

You mentioned, that the size for the image is 350x250. I tried to look up where you define this, but could find the specification for the image in the style.css nor in the fp-projects.php file. So where is this defined or where do I have to change the settings if I want to have a different size? The same question I actually have for the employee section. Thanks so much for your help.

Image sizes are defined in functions.php. Search for 350 and you’ll find it. Employees don’t have a defined image sizes as it wouldn’t make much sense to have one.