Project Cards on Homepage loading on top of each other

I have done extensive searching and I found that there was a different user who experienced my same problem. all of the projects load on top of each other. The advice given was to optimize the images and site. Well, I have done that. I have resized the images to an ungodly small size, I have tried caching everything possible, and I cannot control anything about my server. So I need help!!!

Can you just change something so the images load first? The problem does not exist on firefox. In fact, it only exists on chrome. One the page is cached on chrome it goes away. I am in an urgent situation and I would love help solving this as soon as possible. Thank you

Also, I have confirmed that the problem only exists on Google Chrome and Chrome Canary. All other browsers are fine. I have also tried disabling my other plugins and that is not the problem either. Even if I need to do some hack like change the order of my projects I am totally willing as long as we can find a solution quickly. Thank you.

I disabled ajax in Wordpress JetPack and fixed things.

Okay, thanks for sharing that!

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.