Products only appear as List, not Grid

Basically I want a grid of products on the right, and some widgets on the left which allows a customer to filter by size, category, color, etc.

I can’t seem to figure out how to do that, even with the Pagebuilder plugin installed. Instead I can only get the layout to look like this:

With all the products appearing one below the other in a list, rather than in a grid (four wide). Any ideas?

Hi there,

Did you already set the shop page linked to the woocommerce plugin? you can link it first from:
Dashboard > Woocommerce > Settings > Products > then choose your shop page on the “Shop page” option.


Ok thanks, that linked my page… just learning the ropes with Woo Commerce.
however, that page lists ALL of my products.
How can you create a Products page that only shows products from a certain
Category? Such as Men’s Clothes, Women’s Clothes, Accessories, etc.
The categories are set up already in wooCommerce backend. I basically just
want to duplicate the “Shop” page but tweak it to show only products from a
certain category by default.



You can add a shortcode to your page (see this for details:
But unfortunately, it won’t displayed similar to the default shop page. It will only display the list of the product not per column.

Is there any guide on how I can draw something like this on word-press
It’s the most comfortable online shop I’ve ever seen.