Products on the Homepage


Is there any chance to feature all of my products (9 each) on the Homepage? I now have only Latest products section, but something like Featured products there would be great. Thanks in advance

Hello Anastasia,

If you have only 9 products and want to show all of them on your homepage in FEATURED PRODUCTS section you can follow these steps:
Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customizer -> Homepage sections -> Sections content. Then, under LATEST PRODUCTS, change “Section title” from “Latest products” to “Featured products”. After that, change “Number of products” below from “4” to “9”.

Also you can watch this video:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Sincerely, Roman.

Thanks a lot, Roman! I didn’t think it could be that simple :slight_smile:

You are welcome Anastasia, I’m glad it helped :slight_smile: