Products Not Showing Correctly When Searched

Hi, I am using TheShop theme and have been trying to figure out several issues and having no luck. Here is some detail on the basic set up. Using TheShop theme, WooCommerce, Ivory Search.


  1. When a search is performed it will it will not show the correct product count on the site. For example if you type the word “Precious Moments” it will display a count of 105 products. There are 155. Additionally, The page will only display the first 10 with no way of getting to the rest.

  1. Relevance sorting does now work at all. Tried sorting by popularity, cost, etc. none work.

  2. Header search bar results display search results as blog-like listings without images or Add To Cart buttons. Side rail search displays products as desired but does not show all as stated in item #1.

At this point I have searched the theme settings, tried different search plugins adding pagination, and nothing seems to resolve these issues.

Need some suggestions on what the issues are.