Products chopped on mobile view

Products chopped on mobile view

while viewing products on mobile the page is chopped on the left??

I can email you a pic?


Could you disable infinite loading? I checked your site and the products in the grid seem to be okay, the others are acting up but those shouldn’t even be there - I think infinite loading adds them there.

whats infinite?

You have Infinite Loading from Jetpack enabled on your site. Disable it and recheck.

OK so I have just installed new wp and turned off infinite and its all over the place now??

What’s over the place? Looking at your site it seems the issue is resolved by disabling infinite.

Are you looking on iphone or smartphone…thats the issue on MOBILE as I said…thanx

OK IF you can send me an email I can send you the image on iphone, its chopped off on the left side…

Yes, I did check on an iphone and on a HTC and it looks fine. Try refreshing your browser. Send the screenshot to vlad[at] please.