Product Variation Options

Hi aThemes,

First of all, welove this Active theme. Definitely different from what we see on other platforms for Shopify. However, we were wondering if there are some features that aren’t utilizing correctly or if it isn’t available yet.

Our brand currently sells 3 products, but each product has 4 [ Styles / Colors / Material ]
So we currently have 12 products under 3 sections.

We were wondering if it’s possible to have a variation button, or choice of selecting [ Styles / Colors / Material ] next to the “Add to Cart” button

Another issue we are encountering is that. Each product listing, though initial photos are different. Shows the same photos in the “Product Section”. We noticed it’s the same with these two products on your demo as well. Nike Air Max 720 and Hybrid Rockets

I’ve also attached an image to show how ours look like at the moment. Is there a way to have these images changed based on the individual product pages instead of having it all derived from the same collection source?

Hello @honlialp

Thank you for contacting us. From your message we realise what your wanted functionality is. Unfortunately this would require many hours to code up as it is not a standard feature of Shopify or any Shopify theme. Our support doesn’t include that.

Luckily, you mentioned that you tried an app which enables this feature but it changed the “add to cart” position. We are happy to modify the position of the cart button once the app is installed as this would be a minor css modification and our support does include that.

Regarding your concern with sections and images, we would need collaborator access to your store to identify the issue and to advise you further. Please send us your store url and we will send you a collaborator request.

Thank you