Product links not working in mobile device version


Thanks for a nice wordpress theme =)

I have come across a strange issue, which is quite critical.
After updating everything, and disabling all addons (other than Woocommerce), it still persists.
If I switch over to the default woocommerce theme, there is no problem.

On product listing pages, it is impossible to click products and “add to basket”, while on a mobile device.
This can also be recreated on a computer, simply by narrowing the browser window, forcing the site to go into mobile device mode.
As soon as the browser is narrowed so much that the right side menu disappears, you cannot click the products. Very frustrating. Try it for yourself on this page:

Any ideas on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated!
I am guessing that some clever CSS addition may do the trick…?


You can try to temporarily remove your footer widgets and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.

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Thanks a lot!

That solves the problem.

When i remove footer widgets, the issue is gone.

Any idea on how to fix this, so i can start using footer widgets again?

Okay, you can add footer widgets back and leave here a note, and I’ll try to find what is causing the issue.

Kind Regards, Roman.