Product Images since Woocommerce 3.0 update

Since the update to 3.0 and then 3.01 my product images are only showing in a small slider and are tiny.

You can click to open a full page zoom but i’m just not pleased with it as it is right now.

Is there some adjustment that I can make in order to make it a little more like it used to be?

If I could make the images on the product page larger I would be pretty pleased as the swipe and zoom feature are nice!

My site is

@cloudc Actually, how do you enable that swipe and zoom feature in woocomerce or is it always there ?

Hello @cloudc,

I’m not sure what is your exact issue. Can you please provide some explanatory screenshots?

You can upload screenshots to your WordPress Media Library and share a link, or you can use one of the online services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi @Roman

I think the new owl carousel is the problem. It is defaulting to 102px image size and I would like mine to be bigger.

I have tried

div.owl-item {
    width: 100%;

figure.woocommerce-product-gallery__wrapper.owl-carousel.owl-theme {
    width: 100%;

But this has not made a difference. How can I make the images larger? I do not mind the carousel feature, I just need the images within the feature to be bigger.

If not then I would like to know how to disable it entirely.

@peter460, I think the feature is new since the latest update as I did not have it previously.

Thanks all

Hello @cloudc,

It looks like this issue requires some coding and testing, this goes beyond our support policy. It’s considered advanced customization. As an option, you can find a reputable freelancer on Upwork for this kind of service.

You wrote “If not then I would like to know how to disable it entirely.” Can you please describe what you want to disable?

Kind Regards, Roman.

I meant I would like to disable the owl carousel and have regular sized images on the product pages.

This has only happened since the latest update.

Thank You

Hello @cloudc,

I don’t think that there is an easy way to do it either, sorry.

Kind Regards, Roman.