Product display

Hey guys great work! thank you for the free relase this is one of the most beatiful free themes I have ever seen.

There is a problem I do not have any clue about how we are adding products and how can we display in our homepage?


TheShop works with Woocommerce, so that’s what you need if you’re planning on running a shop. The documentation shows how to get a homepage like our demo site.

Thank you for the quick response, it solved the problem man :slight_smile:

Here is another problem, I cannot integrate woocommerce with the front page, can you help with me that?

Did you read the documentation? What is the problem exactly?


I need to know how I can do to setup the theme which I bought in my blog of wordpress?

Please help me! my email:






What theme have you bought and with what email address? You should use the forums thread for that specific theme.