Problems with widgets / Site Origin Builder

Hi there,

After I solutioned a conflict between Essential Grid and Site Origin builder,

I’m now facing new problems: each time I try to add a widget in a row, it is not working:

By not working I mean, when I try to previsualize, then I receive a word press message saying "Critical Error " as per below screenschot:

Which means I can’t update any pages on the moment on my website:

Can you please advise? Are you sure there isn’t any conflict between Site Origin / Sydney Pro?

Best regards,


Hi JC,

I am sorry to hear that you have run into issues.

The script conflict might be caused by one of other active plugins. To confirm this, you can try disabling all other plugins at once, then try the page builder editor in the mentioned page. Check whether the error remains or not.

Adding, check this tutorial, that will guide you finding the root of the issue.

aThemes Support