Problems with Types

Hey Guys,

I’m editing Sydney Pro to fit the needs of my business and changing mostly just the names of things so that the permalinks look perfect. However after being able to update everything correctly, it is not letting me set a feature image so its not showing it correctly in the widgets.

I can paste a link to the folder with the “new” theme so you can see the files and maybe I made a mistake.



Where exactly are you not able to set featured images? How exactly is that happening? The button is not functional?
Might want to try disabling some of your plugins and recheck please.

Hey Vlad, I will try that but I think actually the problem its linked to the recent update of Types.

Everything seems to be working perfectly BUT when I go to set a featured image, it doesn’t actually load it. It will let me pull up the media dialog box and choose and image but when I hit the button to accept the change and go back to the post, it doesn’t show the attached image. Its as if it’s nto being able to attach it to the post.

Could it be that this new update of Types messed something up in the settings?

You can see the page at Forgot to post that on the main post.

I don’t think it’s because of Types. Might be some other plugin, probably something gallery related if you have something like that. Anyway, disable them all except Types and recheck.

Vlad I deactivated all other plug ins and it didn’t work. I just realized that I have not edited the single_employees.php and I probably have to edit that too. However, I don’t understand why the employee thing is not working.

if you give me an email address I can create a tech support user so you can go into the site and then deactivate it once you are done.

Also, how can I edit the “employee” related stuff that is shown in the Customize menu of the theme? I’m not sure what file that is in and I think it is also affecting how it works.

Sure, vlad[at] If you send it fast enough I can have a look today, if not in the morning :slight_smile: It’s close to 10pm atm.

The thing is nothing you changed in the theme’s files can affect the ability to upload images.

The employee options in the Customizer are created from customize.php. There’s no reason to change anything there though.

Vlad I think the problem is that I didn’t update a php file called content-employee in the partials folder and that might have lead to the coding not working with the image. I’m going to test it now and if it doesn’t work I’ll send you the tech support user so you can check it out.

Update: The problem is with the plugin

I searched for the Types support page and it turns out that other people have started complaining today after having to deal with the featured image problem. Apparently the best thing would be to find an older version of Types for the time being. Just thought you should know that in case other customers ask.

I see. Thanks for letting me know.