Problems with title, menu and submenu alignment

Hello thank you for developing such a nice theme.
The fact is I have upload a logo to the header and as I didn´t like it, I removed it. Since then the title has gone a bit down, the main menú has gone up and the most important is that the submenu boxes are separated from the menú showing the header background between them.

I would like to know how to sort it out and how to avoid it again when uploading a new logo.
Link to my site

Thank you very much

Sorry, the link to my site doesn´t appear.


Unless you made some changes since you posted this topic, I see nothing wrong on your website.

I have not made any change. If you place the mousse on destinos gay, the submenú boxes show separated from the main menú bar and it didin´t happen that until I tried to upload a logo. I have cleaned my cache but it is still not working:((

Any code to fix it? Thank you