Problems with the skills widget

Hi guys,
I am having some problems while editing the skills widget of the Moesia free on the frontpage of my site.
For some reason, the skills titles bebore the bars tent to break into two lines if they have more than 10 characters. Any help

thank you for making this free theme which works really nice.

Hi, that is how it is coded with bootstrap. Shorter names for skills are used mostly, if you want to change that you should edit theme folder > widgets > fp-skills.php.

Find this line (there is four of them):

if ($skill_one !='') {
							echo '<div class="col-md-2 wow fadeIn">' . esc_html($skill_one) . ':</div><div class="skill-bar col-md-10" id="'

Change every occurrence of col-md-2 to col-md-3, and col-md-10 to col-md-9

Or just use shorter skill name :slight_smile:

Thank you!