Problems with menu on mobile device

Hi there,

I have been looking through the forum about this problem, but I have not seen any solution … My two main problems with the menu on mobile device are the followings:

  1. I want the header to stick at the top even when the user scrolls down the page. Just like the sticky menu in the desktop version. It is possible to do it?

  2. When you make a submenu, a ‘+’ appears next to the element and the sub-elements appear when you click on it. However, I would like it to be displayed by clicking on the text itself. how can I do it?

Every help is appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us.

We’d like to help. But, please provide us a link to your website here, in case you have special configurations on your menu.

aThemes Support

Thanks @kharisblank.

It should not have anything special because the menu was like it was at the beginning. Even so, I send you the link for my website so you can help me.

Thank you so much!