Problems with lates news above menu

Hi there. Having issues with my site after wordpress update. The latest news section above the menu doesn’t load correctly. All news loads but the hiding is defect. All 5/6 news are displayed in a single row at all times.

I have hidden the section until a solution can be added. See code below to unhide it.

/*Hide latest news in top section*/
.top-header.row .media-body {
display: none;
.bnews-label {
display: none;

Hello there,

I re-tested Greatmag with my local WordPress 5.0 site, the issue doesn’t appear. It rolls normally. You might not believe it. But, please try it with a local site and do not use any additional plugins, except page builder that Greatmag requires. Ensure the theme and plugin are the latest.

Regarding the issue on your current site, I found numerous active plugins. Ensure you’re using the latest versions. This issue might also be caused by plugin’s incompatibility with WP 5.0. To verify it yourself, you can try temporarily disable all of them at once, run your test and see if the issue disappears. If does so, re-enable them one by one to narrow the possible trouble comes from.


Thanks for your reply. I will try to troubleshoot when I find time.