Problems with insert links for banner in front page


I would like to insert these to links:

to the two shop now banners in my website front page. However, when I try to insert these two links, just only one banner works. Another one is not working.

Could you please help me with this problem?

Thank you

This is my home page:



I have clicked on both of the banners on your homepage and they do work ( both ), the first one links to: and the second one links to:

Have you been able to resolve this, or do you see this issue on a specific web-browser? Please let me know.

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my website is
i would like the buttons on my webpage to link to a certain link but i dont see where i can change that on the backend.
i want to edit the book appointment to link to another site that i am using for booking
kindly assist


Please open a new topic in the Support Forum of the Theme you are using, so we can help you there.

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