Problems with header slider


I’ve been testing a bit with the theme and I’m mostly happy with the default slider built in by you guys. It does have an issue though and that’s if I load the page while not starting at the top of the page, the images gets cut in half. Is there any way to fix that ? Take a look at the two images linked to see what I mean.

error01 - Looks fine

error02 - Slide changes, half image missing.

This has been tested in Opera v32.0.1948.69 and Chrome Versjon 46.0.2490.80. If it can’t be fixed, what are the recommended image sizes for Crelly Slider to make the front page template header image to cover the whole screen ? Do you guys have a video explaining how to setup crelly slider + button like you do in your demos ?


Yes, we know about that edge case, unfortunately there’s no way to fix it without removing the parallax effect.

For Crelly you just need to set the height you want and in the slide options add cover for the background, like here.
We don’t have a video as that would not help much. We’ve just added some text layers with this CSS added in the field that Crelly provides:

I guess we should probably create a collection of CSS snippets for Crelly.

All right, thanks!