Problems with header and menu


I once again have a problem with the header or the menu area, which, however, seems to exist only in Chrome, because in Firefox everything is displayed correctly.

If you click on my page on the call-to-action button, the page scrolls as desired down, but there are two problems with Chrome.

  1. If the slider of the header is not stopped, but continues to play behind the static menu (that is, the images are changed), although in the menu, a static image to be displayed in the background. (see screenshots Chrome I and Chrome II). You have to look carefully, that the pictures have changed. It is easier to recognize, if one goes directly on the side.

  2. The content is pushed too far under the menu, so that everything looks displaced (see screenshots Chrome I and Chrome II)

For comparison, I added a screenshot from Firefox. Here you can see how it should be. I got it in Firefox with the following code

@media (min-width: 1025px) {     
   body.home #primary {         
      padding-top: 140px;         
      margin-top: -140px;

This does not seem to work on Chrome, although there have been no issues with it so far. The site has been online for almost two years and the problem has only existed since today (at least I noticed it only today). A few days ago, I only added the logo in the menu area or in the area Website title / Subtitle / Logo, where previously only a text had been entered in the website title and subtitle.

I hope I could describe my problem understandable. As I said, when you visit my site, it is certainly easier to understand.

Thank you in advance for your support.

many Greetings

Hello Sascha,

I don’t see any screenshots in your post above, can you please try to add them once again?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Oh sorry, I forgot them

Chrome I

Chrome II


Hello Sascha, thank you for the screenshots.

I’ve just checked your website in Chrome and in Firefox and it looks the same (like on your last screenshot). Have you already resolved this issue? If not, did you try to clear your Chrome browser cache?

Kind Regards, Roman.