Problems with Google Publisher

Hello Vlad,

I use Google Publisher to display ads on but I get this error message every day:

"Your latest template configuration prevents some ads from serving on your site. Click Manage ads below to fix this. "

Do you have any ideas what to do to make sure that ads are shown properly 24/7? Use a plugin like GARD to display ads? Any code changes or what can I do?

Many thanks in advance!


I think this question is more suited for the plugin developers. I’m not sure how is it related to the theme. And I personally don’t use Google Ads so I cannot recommend anything, sorry.

Having a theme that is working well with a common plugin as Google Publisher might be a good sales pitch for you.

It would, yes, but the error you’re showing doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the theme. It doesn’t say anything about the theme in case template configuration makes you think otherwise.

Well, there is an additional error message about the templates:

Your site appears to use one or more custom templates on single pages. We do not recommend using the Google Publisher Plugin to place ads on custom templates. Your ads may not appear correctly or reliably. All other templates are supported.

I would appreciate your help and assistance in this matter since it is naive to think that Google would rewrite their plugin to work with a particular theme.

That simply states that the plugin doesn’t work well on custom page templates. Basically, you’ll get the same error on any theme that has one or more custom page templates. So again, there is nothing wrong with this theme and there is nothing I can help you with. Only thing I can do is tell you that the only page template you’re using is the one for Instagram, so in the worst case your ads won’t be displayed on that particular page.

If you don’t belive me, and it seems you don’t, you can try activating the default TwentyFourteen theme. You’ll get the exact same message.

Besides, the plugin is in beta stage at the moment, they might eventually provide support for custom page templates.

My limited English skills are preventing me from explaining this issue any better, I hope it makes sense now :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining the situation!