Problems Updating Employees


I’m working on creating my website with the sydney pro template. I followed the instructions and downloaded the different xml files but some of them had errors when I loaded them. I am also having trouble changing the photos in the employee sections and testimonial sections. When I load a new photo somehow it still points to the demo photos. I also am having trouble changing the red areas to the fuchsia color I’m using at the beginning. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Let’s take this one step at the time.

  • you’ve tried changing the featured images for the employees and testimonials?
  • I see three red things you haven’t changed: two backgrounds you change by going to that respective row and click on Edit Row; one color for the DO YOU WANT TO… row which you can change the same way. Those aren’t part of the color scheme, that’s why they don’t change when you changed to fuchsia. The row styling video can help here.

I actually watched the video and tried it. The way things look in the video do not look the same on my end. I received errors when I imported those xml files. Could that be why things don’t look the same? Maybe I didn’t have an updated copy. Let me know your thoughts.

Also the map at the bottom did come in either.

You’ve got errors when you imported the demo content xml. Those aren’t errors per se, those are notices that not all the content will be imported - that’s because you are missing some plugins (which are not needed) on your site which we have on our demo site. So those notices don’t affect you at all.

If you want to speed things along send me an admin account please to vlad[at] and I’ll change those colors for you and look into the employee photos.

Also when I load my logo the text disappears. Does the logo have certain dimensions?

It’s either logo or site title. Both won’t have enough space to fit properly.

I just sent you the email for the account. I really appreciate your help. I love the theme. Also for the additional pages that what falls under drafts correct?

Can you put the map in there too? Not sure what happened. Ok I understand about the logo or the words. I’ll pick on or the other.

Also for the additional pages that what falls under drafts correct?

Don’t really understand what you mean here.

I understand that part you can disregard.

Also for the testimonials section I tried to load the picture for Lavish Hair Spa and it didn’t load in cute circle. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I also at some point want to change the background images for some of the sections. I watched the row style video but was I doing something wrong? I really appreciate your quick response and help on everything. Please let know how I can rate or give a kudos.

So the colors are changed without issues, employees photos also can be changed without issues. Everything works just on our documentation videos :slight_smile:

I’ve added the map to the footer using the shortcode from Shortcodes Ultimate. Go to Appearance > Widgets > Footer 1 to change your address. Or even better you can use the same widget+shortcode to add your map straight into the Page Builder if you don’t want footer widgets.

Ok. I’m not sure if you saw where I tried to change the color but it may have been in the wrong area. I’ll review the documentation and hope to do better in updating moving forward. Thanks so much!

One more thing for the testimonials will the pictures load automatically in the circle or do I need to use a shortcake or something special to do that?

They load automatically. For some reason you were missing the Featured Image uploader for the testimonials. I’ve activated it and set your thumbnail.

The field you were trying to upload the image to was already in Types but isn’t needed for Sydney - I’m guessing you used Moesia before.

Since you offered, ratings are appreciated here: :slight_smile:

Thank you for resolving my issue and I just completed the rating/recommendation :slight_smile:

Hi Vlad,
and thank you for this beautiful theme.
I don0t know if i made something wrong, but after the last upgrade i have this result to my employees display widget:
i mean, the dimensions of the featured images are so big…
and second problem is:
is it possible to insert the phone number and url address on employees infos?
i tried to insert them on Types, but there was no chances to see the logos on main page

Thank in advance, you get a beer !!



Nope, nothing went wrong. You have a problem with images not loading on your site. Start by going to Settings and change your site address to the non-www version.
It doesn’t matter if you insert stuff in Types, you actually need to do some coding for it to show up.
Also please open up your own topic.

Ok, but is not so intuitive to open a new topic, i don’t have any chance to do it.
what can i do?

Sorry, my site is not www but https