Problems in the visualization in my menu bar

Hello, I have a problem in my menu bar; when I make click in “GRAMATICA” and “CONTACT” I see the title of my website changes its width and form. The tab of “Gramatica” I added like a Category, and Contact is a page. I hope a solution. Thanks

This is my website:


I just check your site and I found what cause the problem.

the “Gramatica”:
I think you are using “spanish-grammar” for the category name which is its contain “span” word and this theme are automatically add the category slug as a class name to the body HTML tag

This theme are using bootstrap css framework and it will detect the HTML tag which has “span” word to make it aligned to left.

So, please to change your category name.

Then for the contact, did you mean that the sidebar is not displayed? if so, it is because you are assign the contact page to have a full width.

To fix this, please edit your contact page and assign the page template as “Default template”

Thanks Awan, you were right in everithing. I deleted and created the Gramatica category again, and Problem Resolved. Really thanks Awan.