Problems in Moesia Pro and the demo page

Hi I bought Moesia Pro and made all the previous adjustments in Word Press plugins and stuff. Then (as I’m new on wordpress) I download the demo page and installed as its said on the video. When I’m starting to change the images and the other stuff, everything gets wrong and there are no images on it (even at the customization tool they are). Am I doing something wrong?


To what images are you referring? Can I see a link to your website please?

The website is still not visible. I’m referring to the head images. Basically what happens is that I activate Moesia Pro on Wordpress and then I import your demo. When I try to customize it (header image for example) I change it but then it doesn’t appear and and the same time the whole demo gets deconfigurated.

Perhaps you have a caching plugin that needs clearing?
This doesn’t happen unless there is something else wrong.

When will your site be online so I can check what’s wrong?