Problems displaying posts with latest posts widget

I am displaying 6 posts using the “Latest Posts” widget. But the layout of the second row is weird.

See here:

This sometimes happens when the title of a post is longer than the others.

Please help!



Got no answer to this, so I changed the code back to only 3 posts.
I attach a screenshot here so you see the problem I am talking about when displying 6 posts.
Please help. I woudl like to have the latest 6 posts in this widget.


sorry for the delays…
Please try this css code below to make all of the items has same height:

.hentry .entry-info {
    height: 150px;

I checking the HTML structure of the the page and looks like you made a lot of modification to the theme. I suggest you to hire web developer or contact codeable to help you

I have that code already and it does no do it.
The same posts display ok in tag and category pages.
It is just the Latest Posts widegt that screws up.

Problem persists even with new code:

The widegt seems to only accept 3 posts displayed correctly.

I suggest you look into this. Many users would want to display a few more posts in this widget.




Can you rollback the modified files for the Latest post widget?
You can replace this file "widgets/fp-latest-posts.php using the original one and let see if it can resolve the issue.

*backup your modified file before replace it.

Thanks Awan, but may be I failed to explain the problem. No modification was made to widgets/fp-latest-posts.php except a change in the number of posts to be displayed.

‘posts_per_page’ => 3
was changed to:
‘posts_per_page’ => 6

That’s all. Naturally, restoring the original file does nothing, except that the 3 latest posts are shown.

I will leave the widget with 3 posts for now, hoping that wou will find a way to solve this in the meantime.

Note that the same posts are displayed correctly under category or tag pages. The problem is only with the latest posts widget.



Okay, How if you try to set the post items to have fixed height?

.widget_intro_posts section article {
    height: 420px;

That did the trick!


Great! :slight_smile: