Problems and customize Astrid
WP Version 4.9.8

I have problems customizing the template Astrid.

I would like to make a website of a single page without tree. a page with a logo, a presentation of the agency, a slideshow with captions, services and contact details. But titles, the body of the font, the spaces between the titles and the text do not suit me.

Or if you can advise me an other template, you welcome.



  1. How can we delete the menu (3 bars) in the header. I have no page an no article and its cleaner if this menu don’t appear.
  2. Why the logo is blurry? I upload a full of sizes and it’s always blurry? and Is it possible to have a bigger logo?
  3. mobile devices : Why the header became blu and disappears when you scroll in ?

Header image
4. How can I change the color and the transparency in front of the header image, it’s too dark?
5. How to change the button link to another widget other than #primary
6. When I use this option (header image) there is a problem with mobile devices, the button disappears behind the following widgets?

Widgets texts
7. Can we customize the text? for exemple to choose a h1-2-3 size? And is it possible to choose font body size différent between PC devices and smartphone format?
8. How to remove the circles and dashes under the titles
9. Is it possible to create a icon fa-leaves ?

Thank you for your help and sorry for my english I am french and designer but no developer.

Hello there,

Thank you very much for your interest with Astrid. And thank you for all your questions here. Unfortunately we can’t answer them all at once to avoid further endless discussion which might drive us into confusion. Please use one topic for one question, so that we can help you better.


Try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
      .btn-menu {
        display: none;


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Hello Kharis,
Thank you for your 2 messages. I am new in this forum and thank you for your advises.
Grate the menu disappears. Thank you.

The blue seem better than grey for my customer?

I try #secondary and it doesn’t work? I tried to give a name to the widgets in the section ID and to paste it in the URL button and no way?

Do you know a way to fixe this button?

It will look like better if I could use different bodies text? Thanks for your help.

I wish for this project more simplicity? thanks

I discover a lot of icon but I am looking for a horse, a serious horse! Thanks.

Hello Oba,

I am sorry for being unclear. I meant the questions should be separated into its own topic. Click on the “+ New Topic” button in this channel

You’re not limited to certain number of topics. Use one topic for one question. Thank you for your understanding.