Problems after new update

Hi, I have two problems after the new update.

  1. Mobile menu items button is not visible after the update.

  2. The overlay opacity of sydney reviews widget is 100% now. Previously it came with a reduced opacity level as default.

Please let me know, if anyone has a fix for these two issues.

Thanks in advance !

I have the same problem with the mobile menu. Its not visible at the moment. I deactivated some plugins but that dont help. Then I remember that I also update the theme.

Is there a solution?


I fixed it by rolling back to previous version. However, it is a temporary fix.

How can I roll back the previous version?

I used the WP Rollback plugin. After installing it go to appearance>themes. There you will see Sydney theme icon. Click on that and you will see a button with the text “Roll Back”. click on that.

Take a back up of the website before rolling back the website.

Cheers !

Thanks, i will try that.

Could you also recimmend a back up plugin?


I use UpdraftPlus. There are youtube videos to learn how to use it.

Really looking forward to see a permanent fix this for this problem.

The rollback works fine. You are right, they should fix this asap.


Hey guys,

This is just a temporary issue, we switched the menu icon from a font to SVG and the color option is not correlated with this change.

You can just use this in your custom CSS until the next update:
.btn-menu .sydney-svg-icon {fill: #4f4f4f!important;}


Hey guys,

This turned out to be an issue with the child theme. I just deleted my old child theme and prepared a new child theme. Everything looks great so far.

Cheers !

When I look at the code, I realize that for

there is no icon or anything else that could be displayed with a CSS statement So there is actually nothing left to do but to go back to version 1.58. It makes me wonder if this bug is also present in the Pro version. I'm curious how long atheme needs to find a solution for the display of the menu for the mobile devices.

Did you try my fix? If you have a child theme activated, temporary activate the original sydney theme. (Go to appearance > theme). After activating the original theme, check if the menu icon is visible in the mobile version. If yes, you just need to fix your child theme. It worked for me.

Thank you thank you! This code worked. Hope they get this fixed soon!!!

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Hi together,

today i tried to update sydney theme to version 1.62, but still the same problem. So I rollback to 1.58

What do i have to fix in my child theme, so that the mobile menu will work?
Or is there another way to fix it?


Just delete the old child theme and create a new one. Make sure to copy all your custom css codes. Also take a back up before deleting the child theme, so you can restore the website, if something goes wrong.

Hi there,

so I delete my child theme, update the sydney theme to the highest version and also update wordpress. But the burger menu is still not available in the mobile version.

I also add .btn-menu .sydney-svg-icon {fill: #4f4f4f!important;} to the custom css but the problem is still there.

Do you have any suggest for me?
My site is


Okay, i found a solution. I add this to custom CSS:

.btn-menu {
font-size: 28px;
font-family: “FontAwesome”;
color: #767676;
content: “\f0c9”;

Found it here: Hamburger mobile menu doesn't show the 3 lines

Best wishes!


Glad to hear that you found the solution. Thank you for sharing the code. I really appreciate it.

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