Hi! I cant change colour in block after i change colour of paragraph in settings. I already put in widget hite colour but oi still doesnt work.

Hi antolomio,

can you provide me a link where I can see the page that you capture?
I just check your website, but I can’t find the page that you mentioned in above

You can check my web site again. I put it under the slider

I see, you can try add these line to your style.css:

div#primary p {
  color: #FFF !important;

Thank you!
But it works only for the first block but i want to put it somewhere in the middle of my web site

Did you use widget text on the page? if so, you do not need to add the code that I mentioned in above :stuck_out_tongue:

just edit your widget text from dashboard admin and change the font color. see this capture

I did it but title become grey. If i make title white(i use colour of the row) my text become grey. How can i make title and text the same white colour?

Hello, to change title color, the first you need is to add a name of css class to the widget section. let say you named it as custom-desc see here

then you need to open your style.css and add this line

.custom-desc h3.widget-title{
	color: #FFF;