Problem with width of background picture

My problem is that i can’t set full width picture in block on the front page.
Theoreticly there should be no problem. On demo every picture is a full width but it doesn’t work in my case.
Check out
I’d like to make a call to action block, with a paralax picture in background - block 2-nd as You see on site. I’ve tried to put a solid backround (as visible on third block) but block still has a size only as text width. Picture has a 1600 × 780 px I set a proper option (paralax) in site builder panel, front page template is set to front page :slight_smile:
And btw how to control hight of a block?
I don’t know css or html.
Thanks for help.


You have to set the page template attribute as front page then upload your background image to the row, not to the widget :slight_smile:

All the best.

Ok. But how to make it if only way to put image to the row in builder is to put a picture widget in???:slight_smile:


Edit your page > Click Edit row > then upload your image here