Problem with white space above header image on mobile versions

Hi there,

I’m using the Sydney theme, which looks great on desktop, but on mobile there is a problem with the header image display (I am using slider but with only one image so have removed others and set slider speed to 0) in that there is a large white space above the header image. Also menu does not display. I have tried various fixes mentioned on this forum and elsewhere via Custom CSS but nothing seems to work.

Please help!

Link to screenshot:


the white space you see there is only the menu bar on mobile. To change its background you can use this css code.

@media only screen and (max-width: 991px) {
  .site-header {
    background-color: #e00dd5 !important;

Choose a color that fits to your site.

Best regards

Many thanks for your prompt response. Problem solved!

There’s one other issue I am having trouble with, and that’s that some images which I have edited in the Media Editor (in particular, rotated the image) are still displayed incorrectly on the mobile site even though desktop is fine.

Do you have a quick fix for this too?


You’re welcome!

If it’s fine on one device like the desktop I guess it is most likely a caching problem. Can you try to clear your browser cache on your mobile?