Problem with type plugin

I cant update Types plugin on WP, and without this the site is changed… what i have to do?! :open_mouth:


Why you cant update the plugin? did you try updating it manually? If you need i can write you manual steps for update a plugin

Types have that “Bug” you can´t update it normally. deinstall it and install it new. this will works.


yes write me the steps please…i dont want to deinstall it, maybe this could do some damage :confused:

i had the same problem on my webpage. I just deinstall it normally and don´t had trubles. After deinstall it, go to the plugins search for “Types” and install the actual version. It wouldn´t do damage. Really.

thank you all :slight_smile:

Actually, when you’re finished with creating services and stuff you can even delete the plugin or leave it deactivated. All it does is provide the interface to create your custom post types, but it doesn’t need to be active in order for those custom post types to exist and be displayed on your site.