Problem with the header images


I’m having some trouble with my webpage. All the headers of the website are loading in an small way and, after afew seconds, the photo take its real size and place. It happens only with the header images, when you are accessing to the homepage or the other sections.

Is there any way to make the webpage load the images well from the beginning? Please, find attached the image of what I’m talking about.



Thank you for contacting us. I am happy to help with your queries.

Seems likely that is not an issue to resolve. Since the theme has maximum width of page’s container and you put a stretched full width image section inside it. The full width part itself is handled by Elementor script and it is executed a bit late due to the nature of JavaScript that presents at the bottom of the site.

Hence, the best possible solution might be enabling lazy load or preloader animation right on your full width image. I’d recommend contacting Elementor’s support team to confirm whether that feature is available or not.

I hope this reply helps.

aThemes Support