Problem with the "Flexi Showcase" widget with Astrid theme

On our website “” (currently under construction) we have activated the beautiful Astrid theme.

The Flexi Showcase widget is part of the Flexi plug-in (a gallery plug-in).
For a long time I was experiencing a malfunction that I attributed to the plug-in, but I discovered that the strange behavior (which I explain in detail later) is caused by the Astrid theme. With other themes there are no problems.
The flexi Sowcase widget allows you to create a gallery with certain images. Among its parameters there is “Padding”, which is the distance between images.
With the widget installed on a site with Astrid theme, it is not possible to set/change this parameter: when I open the widget settings the padding is set to 100 (grab_1) and the gallery display is like in Grab_3. If I change any parameter when I save the modified parameters Padding returns to 100.
I was able to change this parameter by activating a different theme from Astrid, (Grab_2 and the correct display is like in Grab_4). Later I reactivated the Astrid theme and luckily the Padding parameter was saved.

Unfortunately if I wanted to change some parameters of the Flexi Showcase widget I would have to repeat the temporary change of the theme and this is a very annoying operation.

In addition, widgets set in the sidebar, with Firefox and Palemoon browsers on Void Linux, are shown in the body of the page. What could be the problem?

Can I hope for some solution?

Thank you.

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you have run into issues. I am happy to help with it.

I need more information that is showing the actual settings to the widget. Can you share some screenshots of your widget settings and a link to download the plugin so I can try to replicate it?

aThemes Support

The problem of Padding in the “Flexi Showcase” widget, mentioned in my previous post, I don’t know how, but it has been solved (maybe with the browser update).

The problem of displaying the widgets set in the sidebar remains:
the system I usually use is Void Linux. On this system, with Firefox and Palemoon browsers the widgets set in the sidebar are shown in the body of the page (see grab.jpg).
Visit the home page of our site: “” to verify the issue.
With other browsers and/or other OS everything is normal. I don’t know if it depends on Astrid theme but please check it out.

Thanks and good work.

This is the correct visualization:

I visited your website and didn’t get the issue.

I guess it is a specific issue with the web browser.

Can you confirm whether you are running the latest versions of your web browsers?

aThemes Support

Okay, solved! Forgive the inconvenience!
It was a browser issue: I had to re-install the browser and rebuild the profile which, I don’t know how, was damaged and produced that one problem!!!

I apologize for the waste of time.

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No worries! Glad to hear you got the problem resolved.

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.

aThemes Support

There is still a issue: in the customization of the site header I deleted the text of the field “Button text” (Grab_1) because with small screens (tablets and cell phones) the text that I had inserted “scroll down for news” covered and interfered with the title/link of the news.
With tablets and cell phones, however, you still see a small empty box (Grab_2).
Wouldn’t it be better to completely hide this box when the text field is empty?
Even better would be that the text of this field is hidden in these devices and also give the possibility to have (or not) a custom link.
It doesn’t make much sense for the link of this field to refer to the Home page: we are already on this page!

Thanks and good work.
P.S. our site: “

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