Problem with the "employees" images

Hello, I have a problem with the images used in the employee section. Originally, I used black and white photos, and everything was working just fine. But then, I changed those images to color. The images changed perfectly for the front page and for the “Employees section”, but, if I click individually on each employee, to se more details, it show the black and white photo, insterad of the new one.

this is a link to the employees page:

and this is a link to one of the detailed employees page:

Also, I have a problem with the parallax image at the background of the “call to action” section in the front page, I can’t find how to change the image (before the actualization I could change it without any trouble) or to delete the color square that appears as part of the background. I found where to change the color of the square, but not to make it transparent.

this is a link to the front page, so you can see the call to action section:


Hello there,

Edit your employees and use the same photos for photo option in the Employee info box.

For your other question, please post it in a new topic as it doesn’t seem to relate with the initial topic you wrote. Please avoid asking multiple questions at once.


that is exactly what I did. When I try to “edit” the black and white photo, it appears the color one, but it doesn’t show properly on the site.

I’m editing the content of the individual employees at the “employees” post part. Also, It only gives me one option to edit the pictures, so, if I change the Employee photo, It should change everywhere, right?

But, here in the link, you can see tthe pic that appears is in b/w