Problem with text selecting



I am running Fashionista theme on my domain
I am facing a small inconvenient because it seems that it is not possible to select just the text from post or the left part of the site. When I try to select just the content of a post let’s say, it also selects the right side with the text of the widget area.
It can be seen in this image:

Could you please help?


Hi Florin,

I looked into your site and found no such issue.

I guess you just need to do it right.

Here is a screenshot, where I have tried to select a section of the same page



Hi Matty,

I don’t think it’s a matter of the way of doing it because this issue occurs also to some of my friends that I’ve asked to make the same test.

Any ideas what it might be wrong? Maybe it’s not fully compatible with Google Chrome?

Thanks and regards.


Hi Florin,

The theme is fully compatible with chrome and I dont see the issue anyways. Sorry to know that you still face the issue.