Problem with tables


I have added some tables t my home page using site origin editor, the tables were working ok but when I tried to centre them I had some problems.

The only way I could get them to center was to click the table itself and align center. When I did this parts of the table sort of merged into each other and now I cannot get them to go back as they were before?

Hope you can help as I spent a lot of time on these tables

site is here

thanks Phil

Ok just to let you know and in case others run into the same problem I found that in the editor if you drag the column widths it add the width to the table attributes as this is what causes the problem.

To fix it you have to change your table width to 0, don’t worry as the column widths then manage the table width but you can then centre the table without any problems



Hello Phil,

Glad to hear you’ve been able to manage it. Thank you very much for sharing. We really appreciate it.