Problem with SSL - My site is not fully secure!


I have already installed a SSL certificate. Everything works fine on the admin panel, but on the main UI I get errors that cause my site not to be secure.

I have tested through but I got no errors.
My site is
Any help would be appreciate.

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Hello Yannis,

To change all links of your site to https, you could use the WP Force SSL plugin.


Hi Kharis,

I installed the WP Force SSL plugin but unfortunately, the problem remains.
Just to let you know that I have already tried the following plugins:
-HootProof SSL Broken Images Fix
-Really Simple SSL
-Remove HTTP
-SSL Insecure Content Fixer

I changed to another theme but also I get errors. The problem that I have is that I cannot find which are the errors actually.
Is there a possibility to have some inappropriate links in my database that cause the problem, or it is a problem of my SSL configution? The second one I think that is not possible since the admin panel works fine as secure site…

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I managed to fix it. It was a problem with an external link inside the Boxzilla plugin.
Thanks for your support.


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Hi there!

I had the same issue, and I solved it by deleting two http images from the demo content of the front page. These are the images you need to delete:

I hope that helps!

Kind regards,

Eky Barradas

Reuploading images usually help fixing the issue. I checked your site and it’s now secure.